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How the KatNap Fitness’ workouts are different from others:

We don’t decide what you should look like, YOU decide.

We don’t decide what your goals are, YOU decide.

We don’t decide the level of your workout, YOU decide.


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Hi everyone! I am Kat Napolitano. Many of you know me as a modifier from many fitness videos. I’m not a model or an athlete. I don’t have six-pack abs (at least anymore, LOL). I don’t ever need to be in a bikini again. But, I do need to be strong and healthy and that means fitness needs to be a consistent part of my life.

I created the KatNap online fitness program in response to many of my Facebook fitness friends that have inspired me to create a space for all us normal people trying to keep health and fitness as a positive part of life without it having to be overwhelming and intense.

katnap fitness

I am so excited to help mentor, inspire and motivate other real people who want to live a healthier, stronger and better life. Everyday, I am striving towards my health goals and I’d love for you to come along with me!

I have been in the dance and fitness world for a very long time! I started dancing at the age of 14 and have been involved in the dance and fitness industries ever since. You name it, I’ve done it! As a dancer, choreographer and certified fitness instructor in the past, I have had some pretty amazing experiences.

I was a choreographer for the Miami Heat Dancers, Arena Football teams, one of Reebok’s national performance teams, as well as top national High School cheerleading teams. As a fitness instructor in Miami, I taught SO many classes from Cardio Kick Boxing to Step and I had lines out the door for my Cardio Hip Hop classes. I have been back-up in well over 20 workout videos including: The 21 Day Fix, Crunch Fitness, Weight Watchers’ Walk Away The Pounds, as well as videos with top fitness instructors such as: Janis Saffel, Donna Richardson, Mari Winsor (Pilates), Sue Hitzman and Leslie Sansone. As a dedicated fitness enthusiast, I have donated my time and love of dance and fitness to organizations like: March of Dimes, Special Olympics, The United Way, The American Heart Association and The Miami Project.

I took a hiatus from the fitness world to raise my daughter and launch my company with my husband, Infiniti Creative an entertainment production company. We do exciting events all over the country and I love it. But now, I’m ready to return to the fitness world full throttle and vow to be a great example to my daughter, to live the best life I can for me and my family, and to help others along the way!

  • Having a realistic person is very motivating. Knowing that we are not in this alone. You keep me going daily. Thank you for all you do for all of us. On the other hand having a fit person is good too sometimes because it gives me something to work towards. Knowing we are all on this journey together is nice.

    Michelle Member
  • I’m 4' 11" tall and naturally pear shaped. I get very discouraged by "super fit" instructors. I have kids, I've given birth, I run two businesses and live in rural America. I don't have a Whole Foods store, I don't have a personal chef, I have to put my family first. I like to "work out" with real people with real lives. I'll never be 6' tall. I'll never have super slender calves or legs. You are real. I need real.

    Jennifer Member
  • Kat never makes you feel bad if you can't keep up. I love how motivated and positive she is. She makes it possible for me to get up and get my workout in.

    Roxanne Member
  • Kat’s workouts are fun and always varied so you don't get bored. She makes sure to incorporate exercises so you can work different areas to achieve muscle tone all over. The point is to trick your body, and if you do the same exercises over and over again, your body gets used to it, thus you won't see results. Kat utilizes her creativity so we get to try a wide range of exercises and keep our muscles surprised!

    Ariste Member
  • I just wanted to thank you for being such a motivation to me. i love seeing a normal person up there along with all those ripped up 20 year olds smile emoticon i'm a mom of 2 and have about 100 lbs to lose. i'm sore and can barely sit down or walk up/down stairs, but i am not giving up. i did pilates today rather than lower fix because i didn't think my old legs could take it! i'm feeling great and really feel inspired by you. i'm glad i found you - love your energy!

    Kent Member