Our September Super Member is Lenore!

September Super Member Lenore

Our September Super Member of the Month is Lenore!


HOMETOWN: Falmouth, MA.

LIVES IN: Cambridge, MA.

STATS: Divorced. 1 daughter, 15 years old.

WORK: Accountant.

FAVORITE FOOD: Seafood of course – I live in New England!

FAVORITE MOVIE: “When Harry Met Sally”.

WHAT SONG CHEERS YOU UP: Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet.

IDOL: Wonder Woman.


WHERE YOU WISH YOU WERE VACATIONING: Anywhere warm when it’s winter here.

HARDEST PART ABOUT KEEPING HEALTHY: Keeping on a schedule and telling myself that I don’t need cookies.

HEALTH/FITNESS GOALS: Lose weight and tone.

WHY YOU LOVE KATNAP FITNESS:  It’s there whenever I need it so I have no excuse not to work out. I love the variety because I get bored fast.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO ADD? Kat is my BFF for working out!! I didn’t give you a photo because I’m camera shy. Sorry!

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